Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"What a Difference a Dial Makes"

This is my first blogging experience and my inaugural post.  So to kick off this personal expository adventure, I thought it would be fun to share my "Alice in Dial Land" history as part of my online persona.

One of my first recollections of being attracted to watches is that the White Rabbit had one and that he made quite a literary fashion statement to Alice when he pulled it out of his waistcoat pocket.  The watch obviously kept accurate time, as the rabbit exclaimed, "Oh dear! O dear! I shall be late."  The bizarre trifecta that he had a waist coat, a pocket watch, and a speaking voice before popping down the rabbit hole was all Alice needed to topple down after him and begin her own adventure.

Fast "descent " to today and my decision to wear the White Rabbit's likeness every time I write about my own observations and discoveries and gain more knowledge and understanding about the wonderland of watches, past and present.

For the curious, I ordered my White Rabbit watch through Zazzle  which offers an entire range of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland faces by oddFrogg.   These now out-of-copyright images were originally drawn by Sir John Tenniel who illustrated  not only Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures but also Through the Looking Glass. To see all of Tenniel's  Alice images, check out  Project Gutenberg's  EBook, Tenniel Illustrations for Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

I'd be interested in hearing others favorite watch dial stories or reminiscences.     


  1. I adore that watch! My first watch I believe was the Disney Alice in Wonderland. I remember being at the store and picking one out for my birthday. It was a difficult decision between Alice and Snow White. I would love to have that watch now!

    1. Thanks so much for starting the comment process! You are my first post since starting the blog. I just saw the Disney movie "Frozen" and hope that there might be a watch that captures the iconic snowflake in its dial design.


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