Thursday, December 31, 2015

Celebrating the New Year: Watch Flaneuse

Goodbye / Adieu 2015.

 Hello / Bonjour 2016.

As the New Year begins, I've launched a new blog to accompany Wristwatch Redux.  It's called Strolling Among the Watches / Flanânt Parmi les Montres.  

Flanerie Barcelona: Pathways at Dawn and Dusk. Copyright Maryhelen Raciti-Jones, 2011. 

This new blog will take you on short walks through the historic, corporate and cultural watchscape. My intent is to frequently post my individual excursions down serendipitous paths beginning in 2016.  

Quite a personal challenge, but that's what creative fitness is all about. 

Why use the strolling construct? Why take these mental walks?  

Well, as a dedicated watch observer, my own contemporary description of a  watch flânuese, I stroll the media: printed books, magazines, journals, newspapers and online sources for information and insights. 

Some items become the inspiration or creative nudge for my extended blog posts found on Wrist Watch Redux.

There are other content meanderings that even though they do not make it to maturity on this blog are worth capturing and sharing on a passing basis.

This is the reason for Strolling Among the Watches.  It's my younger blog sister, the more lively companion second watch hand of 

Until Next Time / À la prochaine