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 Contact: If you'd like to contact me, I can be reached at maryhelenjones2622@gmail.com.

Welcome to wristwatchredux.  My blog explores the amazing world of time at hand including what we wear, others wear or have worn.  The focus of the blog is rather serendipitous. Its posts are based on discovering and sharing information about wrist watches including their place in cultural and social history; their technical aspects; and as a fashion statement in the general consumer and luxury brand markets. The last aspect relates to their advertising, marketing, and merchandising.  

I am a retired academic, technical and special librarian who throughout my working career never lost my love for fashion, film, the arts, history, semiotics, the history of objects in material and visual culture, and technology.  More important, I thrive on connecting people to information they need, want or just enjoy.

It is in this spirit that I have created this blog. My choice of joining the words wristwatch with redux refers to my return to researching and writing, activities that I enjoy; and applying them to an accessory — or should I say necessity— that has long interested me.

My earliest career goals were to be like Audrey Hepburn, graceful, poised and forever glamorous; or like Coco Chanel, surprisingly creative and endlessly dressed in black and pearls.  The takeaway from these women is that I’ve never lost my imaginative spirit and how I can apply it to whatever I'm doing. I’ve always been attracted to how one finds, synthesizes and shares information collected from visual and print sources, material objects, and finds others who have knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of subjects.
It’s not surprising then, that my most enjoyable jobs have been somewhat “information non-traditional” and full of great colleagues and mentors.   Specifically, I treasure my experiences as an information specialist at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising’s Research and Resource Center in Los Angeles and as a museum docent at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston.

In January 2014, I joined the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC). I learned about the association through a reference to it by Reyne Haines in her book, Warman's Watches Field Guide, 2nd ed., 2010. I've also joined the NAWCC's local chapter, Zia Sundials whose members have welcomed me as a "watch newbie." Since that time, I've also been added as a member of the NAWCC's Library Collections Committee.

My other longstanding association affiliations include the Special Libraries Association and the Art Libraries of North America.
Now my motto in retirement is:  Be curious. Enjoy learning. Most of all, share NOW that TIME allows for it.

I hope the information that you find in wristwatchredux and the enjoyment you get from reading it helps inspire you to join the community of others who love to watch time — and motivates you to find your own special niche and be passionate about it. 



  1. Well welcome to our collective insanity of collecting and researching watches Maryhelen! Check out another fine Lady who felt the necessity of collecting and researching, watchophilia.com

  2. Welcome to our collective insanity of the love of watches and the research behind it Maryhelen! Looking forward to reading what research you publish.

  3. I see you captured my brother's Packard Clipper Clock and the front of his automobile. I own a very rare 1942 Packard Super 8 One-Sixty Club Sedan (2 door).
    The car is one of only two known survivors. It also has a unique clock. At night when you open the glove box a mercury switch turns on a light bulb on the back of the clock to illuminate the interior of the glove box.

    My wife and I edit and publish The Sidemount, a newsletter for our Packard Club. On the front page of every issue is a slogan from Packard's glory days "With every tick of the clock the Packard legend grows." I place an image of a time piece above the slogan. It is an adventure to find different Packard timepieces. As you know James Ward Packard was one of the most famous watch collectors in the world. All best hopes and wishes.


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