Monday, January 18, 2016

David Bowie, Derek Boshier, and Lodger's Omega Watches

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A week ago, David Bowie, rock star and so much more tragically passed away at age 69 from cancer.  Although many of his songs reflected the concept of time passing, did he have any specific connection to wristwatches?

The answer is only obliquely at best -- that being through the artifice of Bowie's friend, artist Derek Boshier.

Bowie’s concept-album Lodger (1979) contains pictures of an Omega Speedmaster Professional and an Omega Flightmaster. The images can also be found in Boshier's stunning new monograph documenting his own work, Rethink/Re-entry published in the fall of 2015.

Did Bowie select these? And if so, why?

The answer is No. According to Boshier who designed the album's inside sleeve where the Omega images appear,  “I chose them from a lot of watch pictures because I liked the double watch image and it was a good, clear photograph. It could have been other watches, by any brand. I never even knew they were Omega’s”.

Read the entire story in Paul Dezentjé's  Speedy Tuesday Fratellowatches' post (February 17, 2015),  "How a Speedmaster and Flightmaster ended up in David Bowie’s album art."

In tribute to David Bowie, I am posting a recent photograph of mine, Looking Skyward Major Tom in his memory.

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