Monday, July 20, 2015

Wristwatch Writings: Descriptive Elements for Friendly Conversations

A number of my friends have asked me for a listing of the descriptive elements that they can use when talking about their own wristwatches.  Here are some conversational starting points:
Overall Look

Formal, Smart Casual, Informal, etc.?
What is its personality? Classical, Modern?
How does it expand, complement, contradict your own personality?
Does it have any interesting, historical precedents?

Dials and Sub dials

Numbers or other indices on the dial?
Where are they placed?  Opposite each other?  At what hour indices?
Are they numbers, if so what font? Roman,  Arabic, etc.
If not, how are they designated?
Balanced or asymmetrical placement?
What are their functions (i.e. complications)?


What is its shape?
Does it have a decorative element?
What material(s) is it made from?


How many?  Hour, minute, sub dial hands—same or different than main ones?
What style are they?
What anchors them?  Gemstone(s)?

Casings (Cases)

Size in mm? 
Case material, e.g. stainless steel, IP rose gold, etc ?.
Are there variations among various dial and case materials — giving each a different look? (Example: black dial, silver numerals; white dial, black numerals?).
Shape? Rectangular, circular, oval, etc.?
What’s on the case back?


Mechanical? Quartz?


Strap:  What material is it?  Leather, Calfskin, Fabric, etc?
Bracelet Style?  Cuff,  Milanese, etc.?


Prong? Other?

I'll be adding to this initial, descriptive list.  It's just a starting point.

Help me out on this as we expand our conversations.   

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