Sunday, July 12, 2015

Remembering Everlasting Times: Isabel Marant's "A Hand in My Hand" Wristwatch

In an April 2014 blog post, "Timex: Time Spent on Durability," I recounted remembering my father's Timex watch and how much it meant to me to see him wear it.  It still reminds me of him when I wear it. It symbolizes our everlasting times together. The special occasion that I wore it was when Central Michigan University's College of Business Administration inducted him into its Hall of Fame in November 2014.

This month I discovered Isabel Marant through Net-a-Porter. One of her web collection showcasings  brought back similar memories of how a wristwatch can be a signifier for a daughter's time with her father.

Isabel Marant is a young French fashion designer with boutiques in Europe, the United States, the Middle and Far East.  In 2012 she created a wristwatch called, A Hand in Time." Her inspiration for it came from her paternal memories:

"A hand in my hand. My father's hand. A hand marked by time, magnificent like childhood memories. A thin wrist encircled by a gold watch, which stays in my memory like an extension of him."

What is particularly noteworthy and laudable about this timepiece is that it represents a global, ethically-based design/production collaboration between Isabel Marant and JEM Process (Jewelery Ethically Minded), also in Paris.  The JEM Process is based on a commitment to "transparency of the production chain and full traceability of the raw material" and an eco-responsible sourcing of precious metals, certified Fairmined.

Our parental memories can be so dear. I look forward to reporting more ethical design/production wristwatches coming from collaborations of such exemplary, principled caliber.    

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